What is BearPARC?

BearPARC is the acronym for Bear Protection and Restoration Collaborative. We are a network of citizens who care about the Bear River for a host of reasons. We see the profound decisions that will determine the future of the Bear – these are generational decisions. We are seeking the highest and best outcomes that will protect and restore this gem of the Sierra.

BearPARC is a collaborative. We work with neighborhood groups, civic and nonprofit groups, schools, service organizations, stakeholders and individual citizens, and all levels of government. Our hope is to provide information and a clear picture of the many fundamental interests that we hold for our region and the future of the Bear River Watershed. We want to look closely at our options, and to develop and then advocate for the best options taking the long view for generations to come.

BearPARC is a project of the American River Watershed Institute (ARWI),  a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (see www.arwi.us). For over fifteen years, ARWI has sponsored The Awakening Bear project and hosted www.bearriver.us.

Our conversations, interviews, public meetings will be conducted by community members. Otis Wollan, ARWI President, retired facilitator and mediator, and former five term elected Director of Placer County Water Agency District 5, will be leading many of the conversations and forums in 2024 in this first phase of the campaign. See the Interviews and Blogs BearPARC website page (under construction).

For more information and to get connected and involved, please contact us by email.

Bear River Painting ©Unni Stevens
Bear River Painting © Unni Stevens

Land Acknowledgement

We acknowledge the Bear River watershed has been the home of the Maidu, Miwok and Nisenan people, who have been caretakers of the area since time immemorial. Despite centuries of genocide and occupation, these people continue as vibrant and resilient tribes, bands, and rancherias.

Today, we honor and recognize our tribal neighbors as the caretakers of the Bear River and honor their contributions. It is with their blessing and continued guidance that we seek to provide a sustainable vision for conserving, restoring and preserving this vital watershed and its resources.