Save Bear River Park!

Help preserve public access to the site…

Write a letter of support for the continuation of public access to the Bear River.

Please write to our County Supervisor Cindy Gustafson, (Placer County, District 5) – and please cc: to both Placer County Parks and Bear PARC.

The Issue:

Bear River Fishing Access, formerly Bear River Campground, is at the heart of Bear River Public Access. It is owned by State of California Department of Fish & Wildlife (DFW), and operated by Placer County since 1966.

The River Fire of 2021 was started at the campground, and burned 2619 acres and 142 buildings. Placer County closed the campground, and entered into a tentative 2 year lease with DFW. The Placer lease expires in February 2025.  We need Placer County to continue to manage the day use areas. Help BearPARC organize the public support we need to persuade our County to maintain this facility.

Bear River Fishing Access Sign


Bear River Public Access Map

The map above shows the location of Bear River Public Access and its current features.

Bear Park Map - Meadow Vista Trails Association (MVTA)
Bear River Public Access Trails (MVTA map)

The Bear River is well loved by many Placer residents and out-of-county visitors. Nearby trails are maintained by Meadow Vista Trails Association (MVTA). The day use areas are favorites for inner tube floaters, and kayakers as well. This Class II river run is used for training. 

These communities will benefit from the location of Public Access to the Bear River and its close proximity to major highways.

The Community